Chicken Biryani Keychain


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Dispatch from our studio by: Sunday, Aug 18th

Savor this amazing royal delicacy of scrumptious chicken biryani, which has been created here as a wonderful keychain with all the nuances of the real one. This unique creation of biryani with yummy rice grains which are hand-rolled one at a time with heady aromas, vibrant colors and addictive curry flavors is a delightful gifting option for all the biryani lovers. Buried in the biryani, you will find a tempting cut piece of succulent chicken bursting with flavor. Meticulous detailing of lemon wedge, onion rings, chicken 65 and raita adds on to the deliciousness of this spread. We bet you cannot find another lovely creation as this in the fake food market which is sure to win over the hearts of your family and friends.

Material: Air-dry clay
Size: 6cm in L by 4 cm in B
The listing is for 1 unit only and the props in the photo are not for sale.

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