Pepperoni Pizza Miniature Magnet


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Dispatch from our studio by: Sunday, Mar 24th

Here is a delicious miniature creation of cheesy pizza which is a gastronomic tribute to this world-famous dish. The intricately crafted pizza with tempting marinara sauce coupled with the exciting topping of pepperonis, will leave you craving for it over and over again. Find out if you could resist the gooey cheese and crispy chewiness of this tiny wonder which would leave you spellbound with its authenticity. Enjoy the umami effect of this mouthwatering pizza in the form of a magnet, that would stay with you for years to come. Yumm!!! Indeed an amazing gift to your near and dear ones who are pizza lovers.

Material: Air-dry clay
Size: 6 cm in L  (including handle) by 3.5 cm in B
The listing is for 1 unit only and props in the photo are not for sale.



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